Rantteri’s Notes 


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This is a page of attitude. Instead of focusing on a narrow topic, I will write on a wide range of various themes in hopes of bringing you new perspectives, ideas and thoughts. I personally am an optimistic, energetic and always hungry for more type of a guy. Therefore I’m really tired of all the negativity, insecurity and thoughtlessness that surrounds us day after day. Despite the topic, I always want to tackle it with an open mind and I want you to tell me your viewpoint.


The goal is to build an open and interactive base, where you – the reader – can openly comment, suggest, criticize or praise the various topics and thoughts while getting new information.


But why am I launching this website now?

Petteri Rantamäki

I want to be completely open.


Throughout my short life I have continuously opened up more. I started as a shy kid in elementary school, had my first speeches in high school and in university all the new people felt overwhelming. During the early years it feels like there is no room for opinions that differ from the masses – what if the others think that you’re not cool? Ofcourse I didn’t share anything to social media – what if the post didn’t get “enough” likes?


During my exchange in Shanghai I finally stood up and started to document me and my life, creating a total of 47 episodes to YouTube. Vlogging was exciting, interesting, scary, teaching, worrying, rewarding and in the end a crucial source of personal growth. I became quite active in Instagram and Facebook is still something I’m getting used to. Also LinkedIn is a platform where I write and comment nowadays, because I am not scared of different opinions. Now I want to open my own website, where I tell about me and my opinions on everything – to everyone.


Why wouldn’t I open up?

Is it scary?

What if someone doesn’t agree with me?


I am not a shy kid anymore, I have a lot to tell you.


Check out my own personal story, that concludes my life of about 8400 days:

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